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Getting started

Welcome to HAM3, the Material 3 Themes for Home Assistant documentation!

Material 3 is the latest and greatest version of the Material Design language from Google:

Make personal devices feel personal with Material Design 3, Google’s most expressive and adaptable design system yet!

M3 or Material You

Material 3 is a common design language, with colors, typography, and UI elements for websites and Android.

The You part refers to the fact that You can now use a photo to create a theme!

The Material 3 Themes for Home Assistant or HAM3 will only use the color section and extend and adapt these guidelines to create Material 3 based themes for Home Assistant that should be 100% compatible with the currently used default day and night theme definitions.

How to proceed

If you only want to use one of the available sample themes, go to Installation. You can check out the examples section with 22 pre-made Material 3 based themes.

If you want to learn more, even design your own Material 3 themes and how to use them in Home Assistant, read more at Material 3 Basics, using the Material 3 theme and Design Your Own Theme.

Happy Theming!

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